Established in April 2012,  Anseron Co., Ltd.  is a professional provider of aesthetic medicine and medical device in Taiwan .

We provide integrated solutions with the potential to significantly improve the sevice quality of medical institudes as well as providers of medical devices. 

We served Taiwan's major hospitals including National Taiwan University Hospital, Veterans General Hospital, Armed Forces General Hospital, Chang Gung Hospital, Mackay Hospital, Cathay Hospital, China Affiliated Hospital, E-Da Hospital, Chi Mei Hospital,,,etc., for many years with good credit reputation. 

If you are looking for a suitable business partner to develop the Taiwan market or even the Asian market, we can help you. We provide customers with integrated and customized services along the value chain, including procurement, research and development, marketing and business promotion, distribution and logistics to after-sales service, etc.

Product we sell

Aesthetic Medicine 【ELLANSE】、【Silhouette Instalift】、【YVOIRE】、【POLYTECH】、

Medical EquipmentCM SLIM】、【EECP】、【ILIB】、【ANSA】、【HECKEL】、

The clients served are all over Taiwan medical institutions at all levels. Including: National Taiwan University Hospital, Veterans General Hospital, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Mackay Hospital, Taipei Municipal Hospital, China Medical University Affiliated Hospital, Zhongshan Medical University Affiliated Hospital, Kaohsiung Medical University Affiliated Hospital, Cathay Pacific Hospital, Shin Kong Hospital, E-Da Hospital, Changhua Christian Hospital, Xiu Chuan Hospital, Chiayi Christian Hospital, Guangtian Hospital, Children's General Hospital, Guo General Hospital, Lianxin Hospital, Tzu Chi Hospital, , , and continue to increase.

Our mission is to provide medical customers with high-quality products and excellent services at affordable prices, and contribute to the improvement of Taiwan's medical quality.

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